Window to the Soul

20150822 - Livia-35020150822 - Livia-34620150822 - Livia-29320150822 - Livia-34120150822 - Livia-307Outfit details from this post (Look 2)


Photography by Yasitha Amarasinghe (Website/Facebook/Instagram)



There is something just so intimate and raw about the type of pictures that Yas takes. The mussed up hair, casual poses, but duuuuuuuude can you SEE INTO MY SOUL? Like, do you know all my gaddamn secrets, dang it?

The concept of self image is a delicate subject, where personal thoughts are often hidden amidst the emotions and insecurities faced when projecting ourselves amongst others. So easily an individual can pretend to project an air of happiness or confidence, when reality has it that our deepest emotions are enclosed to the very back of our minds, an inner voice afraid and constantly doubting. The comfort of being in your own skin and living without judgement is a rare find in a world so consumed and obsessed with physical aesthetic and material goodness. See Yas’ Body Series on his website here, where he explores through his photography different individuals’ perceptions of their bodies and the images of themselves they believe to be portraying.

And although I am nowhere near ever contributing to Yas’ Body Series (sorrynotsorryhashtag, Yas) – ’cause bish I’m insecure as sheeeeee – for the time being he can take nice, intimate photos of myself fully clothed with a face full of makeup and false eyelashes and fake cheekbones thanks to contour and unnaturally curled hair and semi-retouched flawless skin.