Studio Soul Sessions

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Look 1 | Bell Sleeved Top – H&M (similar/similar) / Lipstick – MAC Smoked Purple 

Look 2 | Elle Shirt Dress – Bardot / Helen Micro & Lace Cami – Kayser / Anouk Heels – Jimmy Choo

Look 3 | Flynn Tank Top – Incyda / Culottes – ASOS (similar/similar)

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 10.40.45 pm

Photography by Yasitha Amarasinghe (Website/Facebook/Instagram)



It’s one of those things where you go into the recording booth and jam with ya homies. You know, get the lyrics going while mate over there strums some chords on his G-tar. Singing about love, loss and friendships, lyrics reflecting my innermost angst and depths of my heart. I’m so deep and shit.

But when I say studio, I mean a cosy, natural light-filled dance space. And when I say soul sessions, I mean opening up and trying to pose comfortably in front of a new photographer when you’re so afraid of a new set of eyes whose seen lingerie-clad signed models who actually know how to make themselves look good. So there was a lot of face pulling and stupidness on my part, ’cause when you’re purposefully looking ugly, well, ya look ugly but ya did it on purpose. It’s a different story when you’re trying to smoulder and pose elegantly but come across as a smouldering hufalump of poo. Still smoulderin’ tho.

Yas and I attempted to combine the forces of fashion and his infamously amazing portraiture/studio photogz, and what we came out with was a set of intimately casual shots. But that is an oxymoron you say. The beauty of it all was trying to capture not only my smouldering poo shots, but also aspects of each outfit I wanted to highlight. How Yas sees people, is similar to the beauty that I see in clothes, so it was a collaborative goal to achieve both aspects in the photos.

I really wanted to capture the gorgeous mother-effin’ bell sleeves of this black H&M top (described so because that’s how I described this top to Yas when we were planning this shoot). For the shirt dress, the small details that can make an item of clothing look sexy – leg slits and a layered lace cami underneath – without all the lookatmytitties and skin in ya goddamn face. And the beautiful peplum ruffles of this baby blue crop I couldn’t resist from Incyda.

Can’t wait to bring you more shots on L is for Olive that are more Yas’ personal photography style soon.

Adios, boss.